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Transformative Path 7 Steps To Personal
Growth And Empowerment Book

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Author - Parveen Smith

The profound growth and empowerment in transforming your life is deserving for each soul.

The key topics covered in this book are: self-reflection, awareness, embracing change, goals and much more.

Parveen has endured extreme traumas and challenges in her life. She outlines insights, case studies and valuable perspectives.

Outlined within the book are ways to solve problems, look at your desires, or gain new knowledge and implement them.

You will hear from people who have had transformations take place whilst progressing in life.


Their body systems change as they see new perspectives, releasing old belief systems.


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3 steps to reflection, realisation and reinvention

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"It’s heartbreaking to see your teenage daughter suffering so much with crippling anxiety, especially having tried many remedies and techniques, all of which failed to help, until we met Parveen.


In just one session, my daughter felt lighter, her head was clearer and most of all her anxiety had improved ten fold. Parveen is quite honestly a miracle worker. After three sessions my daughter felt happier, calmer and more able to deal with life’s challenges. We are so thankful to Parveen, she truly is an angel."

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