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12 Week Stress Management Program

Change Your Life...

The 12 Week Stress Management Program assists you to bring well-being into many parts of your life.

Master The Stress

Change Your Life

Benefits Of This Training Program:

Before The Training:

You might know something about anxiety stress and depression. You might have felt unwell with the effects. You may have felt overwhelmed, worried, and fearful. Feel everything is out of control.

After The Training:

You will feel you can cope with daily challenges. The daily stress. You will have more knowledge and experience to use the tools provided. You will feel calm, confident, focused relaxed, have more clarity, feel healthier and be in control. Living life to the fullest and feeling content.

The course will be transformational

You may see the results quite quickly and for sure within the 12 weeks.

 We have worked with some big organisations and individually bringing well-being. We have 16 years of experience working with people in different countries as well as throughout the UK.

My expertise and compassion will guide you throughout the weeks. Commit one hour a week. You will be given tools. Take the step and say yes today Be fearless and change your life. You don’t need to be stuck anymore.

What will we cover?

How stress affects us

Release the stress

Feel healthier

When things get too much

And Much More

You will need a pen and notebook

You will get support through the program. You can contact Parveen throughout the program.

We help you to de-stress and enhance your body system with weekly programs. Overcoming stress and anxiety in a holistic way. De-stress and enhance your well-being. Transform your mind body and life. We help you to Live your life to your full potential with ease weekly. We can help you become more peaceful instantly. We can help you with mindfulness techniques for you daily. We help you to connect with energy so you can bring peace and calm every day. You will receive therapy within the weekly training. We are inspirational trainers with weekly training. We have 16 years of experience training people to look after themselves.




As your Wellbeing Soul Mentor, I provide comprehensive services to guide and help you feel the confidence and support you need to overcome your challenges. In this amazing Divine Wings Of Change Program you will be given in-depth information on the spiritual aspects of living a fulfilling life whilst understanding why things happen when they do. How do we cope with things in a spiritual aspect? I will share some GEMS of 45 years with you. This program will stir many thoughts about the realities you find yourself in. As well as to give you so much knowledge wisdom and tools to support your spiritual path with deeper wisdom as well as meditations, and initiations to Archangels, Ascended Masters, and Connection To Divine Source. The universe has worked with me all my life and I will share how and what happened. Many people I meet say if only I could experience that one bit I would be in heaven. Well, you will experience with me. I’ve worked with clients, and many many people for over 17 years, in order to achieve good health, spiritual awareness, and balance in all aspects of life. Get in touch to learn more and take a big step in your health and wellbeing. You will wish you learned this years ago.

There is only one YOU!

Do it for you! 

Namaste Dear Souls.

Meditating Outdoors
Studying at Home
Water Lily
Taking Notes
Relaxing by the Water
Free Yoga
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