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Client Testimonials

I have Fibromyalgia and Lupus also Arthritis and Lymphoma. I have been in so much pain hardly able to move around but after just one session with Parveen, I felt like my illnesses had flown out of the window. I couldn't believe it. I need to go back for regular healing sessions in order to keep me feeling good though but nevertheless, it's a miracle.

Thank you, Parveen. Parveen is a miraculous Therapist, so warm and calm I can feel her divine light each session I have with her and to help everyone she touches.

Would Highly Recommend


Book Reviews

Parveen, I really enjoyed reading your new book. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and journey. You are a true inspiration following your calling and what you truly believe in, when at times it must have been so hard, when so many would have doubted and not believed you. I felt a feeling of pure serenity while reading and could not put it down. You truly have a gift.


I have finished reading your book. WOW Parveen! I found it incredibly inspiring, you work so hard and always follow your dreams, spinning and manifesting gold out of ordinary threads of life, showing us what is possible when we dare to believe, truly have faith, and let ourselves be guided by the Divine. It must be a difficult and lonely path at times being one at the front, doing all the hard work so others travel more easily, but you are so obviously divinely supported on your path, your story is a beautiful one, and I can't wait to read the next chapter. Thank you for being you.


Hi Parveen, I recently finished reading your latest book, I admire your courage and stamina, especially when approaching people and organisations. You obviously have celestial backing, but of course, I have known this since I first met you on 19th November 2011, as that is where my timeline begins and you set me on a new path. You set things out exactly how things happened I like that approach to your writing honest and to the point.

Parveen, I think I found your book very honest and inspirational. It also strengthened the idea that once one accepts what life throws at you, good or the right things will emerge in time. And one can become stronger in faith.



Extremely thought-provoking and a privilege to read your experiences. I sensed an angelic presence when reading it which brought a sense of comfort and wonderment.

Thank you, your book is an absolute delight!!



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